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We know that running a business is not an easy task. That’s why we are here. By providing you a comprehensive service in finance, accounts and taxation. You can say goodbye to extra time spent
administering your F&A. Hence, you can focus on your business!

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Why Our F&A Outsourcing Services


As your F&A outsourcing partner, INHYE aim to offer you flexibility and streamline F&A outsourcing services but at competitive prices.


Our goal is to help you to achieve tangible benefits in the areas of cost savings as well as increase service level performance. INHYE is proud to be a part of your great success story.


INHYE take great pleasure in proposing our F&A outsourcing services to your company.


First and foremost, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to extend this proposal to you and hope that we can work together in synergy to expand and grow together.


Why Outsourced?

Cost Saving

• Eliminates cost of initial hardware and software investment and its subsequent maintenance.
• Reduces spending on technology upgrades due to obsolete functionalities and changes in statutory requirements.
• Control operating costs as fewer employees needed to perform these administrative tasks, thus maintaining low headcount.

Other indirect time

• Reduces errors from manual handling of data.
• Reduces risks involved in security and confidentiality issues.
• Opportunity cost from redeploying resources and investments to other areas.
• Reduce risk of fluctuating employee turnover and the need for recruitment and retraining, thus ensuring a stable operational environment.

Change in company focus

• Reduce the time spent on administrative task and to refocus on strategic planning initiatives.
• Growing need for companies to leverage on established F&A service providers for information and expertise that are not available internally.
• Strategic partnership with F&A service providers enable more flexibility and tailor-made solutions for ever- changing operational needs.

Benefits to clients Due To Outsourcing

Get your Company Snapshot

See the state of your business instantly with the Company Snapshot – a single screen that shows exactly how your business is doing. Your Company Snapshot will tell you, every day, what you are making, what you're spending, how you're doing compared to last year and more.

One place for all your customer and supplier data

Store details of unlimited number of customers and suppliers. Know more about your customers – identify your best customers and see who buys what, when and how often.

Inventory Tracking

For businesses that carry product inventory, the Inventory Tracking feature lets you manage and track orders with confidence. Know at any time which items are in inventory, how much of it you've sold, and how much you have on hand.

Data backup and security

We automatically back up your data and we meet the highest online security standards for data storage.

Instant access to critical information and reports

Profit and Loss accounts, cash flow and balance sheet at the click of a button. Drill down into business knowledge with pre–built and customizable reports.

Professional estimates

We prepare quotes and proposals for your customers that have the same professional look as your other sales forms. So once you perform the work, it's easy to move the estimated charges onto an invoice for billing.

Scope of Services – Finance Accounts & Taxation


1. We proposed to provide the above services using any software proposed by the client, though
we prefer “Tally”, “Xero” accounting software’s which are used by worldwide and globally

2. The above applications will be hosted in our secured servers, workstations, networking
equipment and operating systems with proper backup devices.

3.All data sent to Client will be encrypted to protect customers’ confidentiality.


Our utmost priority is to ensure prompt and accurate monthly, quarterly and annual accounts preparation other related services.

In the event of errors proven to be committed by us, we will rectify within a reasonable timeframe.

Failure to do so, we will obliged to absorb any penalty charges imposed on our Client.


We are an organization of Chartered Accountants and IT Professionals providing services to international clients. The organization is incorporated to provide Accountancy and Bookkeeping and allied services to offshore and onshore Clients. The Company operates through an office in Surat (Gujarat) with a motto to maintain ethical, professional and technical standards and operating,
training and quality control procedures.

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