Case Study: e-Commerce

A passionate ecommerce businessman, after selling products on various platforms like eBay and Amazon, wanted to build his own ecommerce store and earn a sustainable income

The company selling Luxurious Furniture for office like Chairs, Tables, Partitions, etc. of different brand since 1989.

Client has decided to build his own Big commerce store to grow his business and earn sustainable income.



The company has an extensive assortment of rugs, luxury bedding ensembles, Executive Chairs, accent throws, and wooden furniture. The home furnishing market’s CAGR is nearly 5% and the eCommerce store’s market share is continuously growing with a CAGR of about 15%. To leverage the high growth channel, the company wanted to set up an online store. With a wide assortment of product choice and combinations, they provide their customers a one-stop-shop to create homes and interior spaces that are honest expressions of their true personalities


The Company had not much experience in big commerce. After conducting its initial analysis, it concluded that it needed a team of five or more members: a big commerce analyst, an inventory manager, a product manager.

Hiring a complete team was a risky financial decision and getting the right talent was a huge challenge.



In a short span of time, with INHYE Process Experts smart work, constant improvement, sales growth, profitability, and marketing effectiveness became an inseparable part of our customer’s business.

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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed