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We provides accurate Back Office Outsourcing services that help you achieve high operational efficiency, digital transformation to focus on core operations for superior growth.

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Boosting company digitalization with back office services

01. Administration

The back office operations for the admin industry are streamlined effectively by our team.

02. Data/Information Services

We have in-depth experience to optimize operations for the information services sector.

03. Digital Media & Advertising

We are empowering the digital media sector with systematic back office and admin support.

04. ECommerce & Retail

The eCommerce industry uses outsourced back office services to simplify tedious operations.

05. Healthcare

We assist the healthcare industry to organize their records and patient care with outsourced admin operations.

Back Office Services

Back Office Support included

Virtual Assistant

Our expert teams work behind the scenes to take care of business’s complexities, leaving you free to relish in the joys of a well managed business.

Lead generation

Generating qualified B2B sales leads, generating 100% verified e-mail lists, by representing your brand in a professional manner. Quality lead generation services = more sales!

Research and Analysis

Our team handles every aspect of web research for you. We include a well-designed QA program to deliver the desired results to your team.

Database Management

We handle and streamline the tedious tasks of data entry, mining, processing along with catalog management for different industries.

Document & OCR Processing

We take away the struggles of document scanning, translations, indexing and processing as well as OCR translations in back office operations.




We understand your requirements, current processes and the business purpose.


We brainstorm to formulate a neat plan of action that meets your requirements.


We coordinate with you and close on the concept and approach of the entire execution.


We begin the execution while keeping a close eye on its impact on the current operations.

back office Support services

Back Office Support is the company’s internal departments, such as the IT department, accounting department, and personnel department, that do not interact with customers. They are responsible for the technical component of the company. Because back-office employees are usually located away from the main office building, businesses can outsource back-office support to other companies.

Outsourcing back-office support is a very cost-effective option for businesses that need to optimize costs by aligning internal workflows. A company may also simply lack the necessary staff, while third-party specialists will always offer these employees.

Back-office support for small businesses allows them to focus on core business and workflow optimization tasks, while specialists do all the routine manual work for them, including paperwork, data collection, storage and processing, administration, management of all activities, and more.

What Can You Outsource?

Most organizations outsource to keep up with staffing needs. This is why HR outsourcing is so popular. Most commonly, processes such as recruitment and selection of personnel are outsourced; but roles such as calculation of payroll, allowances, benefits, training, professional development of employees, online learning, and team building activities can also be outsourced.

One of the most common back-office support solutions outsourced is accounting. Third-party organizations can be entrusted with these routine tasks such as processing bank transactions, document management, audit of credit obligations, developing solutions for financial transactions, and tax consulting.

Often, the costs of developing and implementing information systems get out of control. That is why outsourcing IT functions is another great option for outsourcing back-office support services. This includes the collection, processing, and storage of data, development, and maintenance of software and ERP systems, system integration, cybersecurity, IT strategy, web development, and decision support systems.

Marketers are also on the list of the most demanded back-office support jobs, especially for small and medium business owners. Marketing tasks are often outsourced because companies do not have the staff to dedicate to these tasks. What marketing functions can be delegated? Some examples are sales, customer service departments, strategic planning, advertising, public relations, customer interaction, business communications, order processing, warranty services, call centers, and customer support services.

You can outsource such services from INHYE Process Experts, one of the most reliable and reputable back-office support companies. We are professionals in building customized teams for modern businesses. You have our support, so you can concentrate on scaling and expanding your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Back-Office Outsourcing?

The main advantage of back-office support systems is the continuity of all processes. If you outsource, your accountant does not go on vacation, and your lawyer does not quit at the most inopportune moment. Everything is far simpler: there is an agreement with a company that covers all the needs of your profitable business units, while not burdening the owner with unnecessary problems.

The second advantage is that the owner has time to develop their business, be creative and implement their ideas. After all, when business owner is overwhelmed with paper routine work, they simply do not have time to do what they really love.

Another benefit of outsourcing back-office work is that it is more profitable than full-time specialists. Here is an example: You have an accountant who processes 100 documents per month. Turnover has increased and now 150 documents need to be processed. Now you need to hire another accountant who will only have partial work. When working with the back-office support solution, you only pay for the volume you need. Plus the business does not spend money on maintaining jobs, related costs such as the Internet or mobile communications, payment of bonuses, and so on.

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