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Email Marketing is fast, cheap and highly profitable, and the ultimate relationship and brand-building tool.

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Email Marketing enables your customers to consistently engage with you and your products, telling you exactly what they want in the data you harvest from their behaviour. No other strategy compares in keeping the conversation going between you and your audience, and we’ll power and maintain this essential dialogue. The Digital Marketing Association suggests that 66% of customers purchase as a result of an email marketing message. A McKinsey report indicates that email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping businesses reach new customers.
Email Marketing Help Your Business:
Your Email Marketing Journey with INHYE Process Experts
01. Email Automation
We ensure your customers remain engaged with automatically triggered emails at vital points of their journey.
02. A/B Split Testing
We conduct regular A/B split testing to improve the open and click-through rate of your emails.
3. GDPR Compliant
We ensure all customer data is secure and GDPR compliant.
04. Ecommerce Emails
We create Ecommerce emails, including welcome and abandoned cart emails, to maintain customer engagement.
05. Campaign Analysis And Reports
We track and adjust your campaign through a range of measures to ensure your business goals are achieved.
06. Beautiful Design
We create expertly crafted emails and landing pages to engage your audience and drive traffic to your business.
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