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Professional Impression of your product or service with Instagram Ads
Instagram Ads is one of the fast-growing social media platforms with a whopping 900 million active users per month. It is fast becoming the go-to advertising space for the younger generation.

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9 0 0 M i l l i o n Active Monthly Instagram Users Worldwide

Instagram advertising is perfect for visual brands that really need to showcase their products and services. We’ll create natural looking adverts that will make the user feel like they’ve already followed your brand. Subtle advertising meets striking visuals. With Mobile being fundamental for shopping and engagement, it’s paramount for businesses to start promoting and building a presence with mobile phone users and Instagram is a great way to enable this. If you have any questions please get in contact and we will do our best to answer any queries you have. Instagram Advertising Set Up Facebook & Instagram advertising integrate seamlessly via the Facebook’s Business Manager Setting up your Business Manager will allow us to have better control of your Instagram Ads. You must have a Facebook Business Page to run ads on Instagram.
Check Out Your Complete Instagram Advertising Journey With INHYE Process Experts
01. Research & Planning
Before we create any Instagram campaigns we will analyse the industry you are in and find out what your customers’ value and how to market your business to your target audience efficiently. We will also analyse your available creatives, any previous campaigns you may have, audience data and current website traffic to help us create the best campaign possible.
02. Instagram Targeting Strategy
Being part of the Facebook; Instagram comes with a wealth of ways to find your target audience. We can use Facebook’s advanced targeting features to place ads right in front of the audience that matters most to your business. Facebook’s in-depth targeting will allow us to reach anyone that has an active Facebook account. With so many targeting choices we will need to test multiple variations to get the best performance.
03. Creative Approach
One of the most important aspects of Instagram advertising is, yes you guessed it the ads. Users will need to be encouraged, persuaded and wowed to click on an ad that is relevant to them. First impressions are important and the ads will need to reflect the direct benefit your business provides.
04. Instagram Shopping​
With shopping on Instagram, you can create a visual shopfront for your business that will allow people to explore your best products with a single tap. We can manage your products so they show in your Instagram Post and make them shoppable. To make sure our campaigns are running smoothly and to the best of their ability, we will be constantly monitoring them to make sure they aren’t any dips in performance or any irregularities.
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